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Post Info TOPIC: A's beat Santana and the Twins in Game #1!!!
Rhondda Nunes

RE: A's beat Santana and the Twins in Game #1!!!

RBX & OLd Stockton Musician wrote: wrote:

Mets had a great season!! wrote:

Jose` in NY/an insomniac Met's fan wrote:

Yeah, I guess the A's wanted a change like the Kings. As a Knick's fan i can relate to wanting change for the better, but you also can get change for the worse  like we've had so I dunno.

The tigers haven't been to the big one since 84 so i don't begrudge them. Detroit should be proud.I'm just relieved that we one tonight & hope we can get the 7th game 2 to face detroit.

The Mets went down to the Cardinals last night in Game 7 of the NLCS, 3-1. What a catch that was by Endy Chavez when he went over the wall and robbed Scot Rolen of that home run. I thought for sure that the Mets would ride that play to the end and win the game. But, you have to give the Cardinals credit as they go on to win the series on a home run by...GAA****SPPP!! Yadier Molina!!! Who would have thought that this light hitting catcher would end up getting the big hit to win it!!?? You would have thought that Albert Pujols would have won it but the Mets shut him down. Jose' you should still be proud of your Mets, they will be back!!! Should be a great World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals...which begins this saturday night.

I friggin' fell outta my chair when Molina hit that homer;WTF?I was rooting for the Mets I admit for selfish reasons all the smack talk woulda been fun.

You got a lot of cla$$ Jose`;feels wierd saying that about a guy when I am SO NOT QUEER.I look forward to the ALCS continuing its dominance in the world series.

RBX:Haha, Detroit I guess you got a little ahead of yourself.

OSM:& humbled by  Cards rookie pitcher Anthony Reyes that I didn't know was on ta' roster.

RBX: he wasn't before last friday.Just shows that complacency's bad. If the Tigers start playing like they did at the end of the season so much for ALCS "dominance"; & the Cardinals can win one for St. Louie.

OSM:Have you been dere?My lord. I think you're happy at the thought of NCLS supremacy.You can keep wishing, like thinking next season your Giants will be better.


I'm just for the World series being competitive. I love it that a rookie pitcher i never remembered can step up like that; Detroit can re-step-up & it's better for parity between the leagues for the competition being...well....competitive.otherwise, it's a bore.& not good for the game, IMO.



kings drool and lakers rule=10+ championships kings-0

Return of the Nostradrillah


someone wrote:

kings drool and lakers rule=10+ championships kings-0

How about the LA fakers drool, for without the championship chops of the great George Mikan, half of those faker championships wouldn't exist, to say nothing of the two BCS championships which don't count as true NBA championships.Remember Drilletes, the first NBA championship was won by the Kings as the Rochester Royals(who beat the Mikan-led lakers that year). 

Typical of the faker nation. Not only do they not give credit where it's due(to George Mikan), not only do they not help out their own(that Mikan dies in poverty & Shaq stepped up to pay for his funeral, not Dr. Buss; & that Ms. Mikan is living on a pension of less then 20,000 a year, where's the funding kobemeister you selfish little ball-hog!?); but obviously they don't know where they belong.Which is most definitely not here.

How many of you King's fans & laker haters hang out at laker boards?I thought so. Yet the Kindergardeners still come here. The Drillah suppose they are sadists.Now on to baseball.

Parity is great rhondda, but the drillah was hoping it would be the Mets to bring it. partially for the drillah's on reasons:Tony LaRussa irritates the drillah. Let's hope the Tigers can pull it out tonight, they're the most deserving in this case; the Cardinals have had plenty of chances in previous world series that they've managed to blow.

Nostradrillah has had a lot of dissappointments this year, & still is not over the firing of Rick Adelman. Enough Already!Time for the Tiger's bullpen to step up tonight,or the drillah wiil find Jim leyland & sit on him till he cries uncle. If the Tigers win tonight, however; the drillah will give Jim Leyland a case of his finest Cuban cigars.

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