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Post Info TOPIC: Mavericks vs. Heat in the finals. Whats your prediction?
Pacific Power Cat

RE: Mavericks vs. Heat in the finals. Whats your prediction?

Mark Cuban wrote:

NBAFan wrote: Mark Cuban wrote: And another thing:It's obvious that there's a conspiracy against my team.It's a fact the league protects Shaq; he creates more dangerous contact camping in the lane for 5 seconds trying to set an NBA finals record for charges taken by a center than Stack did trying to prevent a layup".Totally f*cking whacked, I'm so p*ssed off. Is this really you..THE Mark Cuban?? I am with you Mark, the Stackhouse suspension is ridiculious!!! I think that Pat Riley paid off Stu Jackson..LOL!! I heard Avery Johnson on ESPN yesterday and he ain't a happy camper either!! I just thought it was a good hard foul that Jerry put on Shaq. What is he suppose to do?? Lay a red carpet out for Shaq to go in and dunk the ball??!!! It happened to us too in this years playoffs when Ron Artest got suspended for hitting Ginobili with a elbow. But, it really wasn't that bad. I think that it was Artest's track record that got him suspened IMO. Anyways, good luck tonight against the Heat!! You guys can still win it. But Dirk, Josh Howard, and Jason Terry have to start shooting better. Yes, this is THE Mark Cuban; posting on the down-low, found your site thru DetroitbadBoys, via postings by Rhondda Nunes,amusing that you got TNT guys posting here(I love you Sir Charles! really!). Glad my guys are aggressive tonight, especially Terry & Howard. If Dirk could get fired up over 30%, I'd really be happy. Still not seeing equity with the calls, though.

I agree with you, I'm not sure Dywane Wade deserved that call in the final possession. I hate it when the refs influence the outcome like that; especially when the dallas players got hacked on their offensive possessions, shades of the Kings, dudes.

Though why did Josh Howard call that timeout?(at 1.6 or whatever?) What the hell?Did he think Avery wanted a timeout there?

Dirk Nowitzke's Katzke


Ja, Ich bin Dirk Nowitzke's Katze Shwarze.(yes, I am Dirk Nowitzke's cat).

i think I have a hairball, I feel terrible, it's no fun(viel sp****..nein!). I think i need to lay in the cool green gra$$.



The bottom line is, yes, Dallas lost three in a row. BUT!...Miami HAS to go to Dallas and win a game!!! I just don't see that happening. They played absolutely horrid in the first 2 games there in "BIG D". The Dallas fans will be rocking!!!! Nowitzki has to get pissed and take matters into his own hands and burn the hell out of Haslem and the Heat!!

Did you hear Shaq tonight after the game saying on ABC that he is sure the Mavs will be complaing about tonight's loss??!! Where was Shaq when he scored those 5 points in game 2 and refused to talk to the media? This guy is a "Has been". I'm sick of his stupid comments!

Jordan Rules 2


I agree, did you see that footage of Dirk after the game? Hopefully, he didn't kick his cat when he got home.

So far, all we've seen is the road team loose. I can't see Dallas loosing at home. & there will be a laser on all the calls, for sure; oy vey! the way they've been calling all the playoff games, I think Wade got  that final call because of his reputation, the refs like him especially Salvatore.But he's a great player; Flash, he's as much an heir to Michael Jordan as Le Bron, or (gag!)Kobe Bryant.



Well....I did say the Mavs are kinda green. Not surprised that Pat Riley took advantage of  Avery Johnson  with that final timeout mix-up. Masterfull playing of the refs; & he called back all his players as if the timeout was a fait accompli,& you know Joey Crawford never takes back a call.I'm not surprised.

& did you guys know thatJosh Howard made that same mistake with the timeout when he was at Wakeforest? Shades of C-Webb!

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