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Post Info TOPIC: Mavericks vs. Heat in the finals. Whats your prediction?
David Stern

RE: Mavericks vs. Heat in the finals. Whats your prediction?

El Negro Mambo wrote:

NBAFan wrote: I agree!! The NBA really drags out the playoff games. In some of the series this year, there were 3 days off between games!!!! In the same city!!! No travel involved!!! Mambo concurs; porque the NBA so mambo like 'n' ball-hoggy?Like basketball playas wouldn't mind a vacation & being fans of other sports.Before you know it, David Stern will have us working all year long, that's f*cking whacked.

That's a good idea, a year-round NBA season. I think that would be a great money-maker for the front offices and the NBA.Now let me respond to Mr. Cuban...

David Stern


Mark Cuban wrote:

The Chuckster Himself wrote: Mark Cuban wrote: NBAFan wrote: 17.7 seconds left with the Miami Heat leading 95-90. Doesn't look good for the Dallas Mavericks as they committed a huge turnover and had to foul Dwayne Wade. Wade hit both free throws. 10.3 seconds left now with Wade at the line. Missed both free throws. Dallas misses a three..the Heat grab the rebound...time runs out...the Miami Heat are the 2006 NBA Champions. GOD! I thought the Mavs would force a game 7. Jason Terry was nowhere to be found as he struggled all game. It sucks because I was pulling for the Mavericks as I can't stand Shaq and Alonzo Mourning. You have to give the Heat credit though...especially Alonzo, who had some HUGE blocks. And Haslem hit some big shots too. The 2005-06 NBA season is officially over..  God-dammit!****!!****!!!IHATE THIS< THIS SUCKS!!****<****<****!!!!!!!!! ok, we had a great season, but what a way to go out with 4 losses in a row,@*%#!,@*%#!@*%#!!!! You should be p*seed off. I think your players let you down; great time for a slump; in the finals. I also notice you ain't sayin' anything that could get you fined, even on our down-low board.Afraid Davey Stem-to-Stern could be listening? **** David Stern. @*%#! him. Whats he going to do, fine me another quarter mill by what i say on an anonymous board?like he can prove this is me by my vocabulary?prove its me by my nonuse of colons?prove its me by how much i swear when theres a profanity filter on? @*%#! stern. i could kick his **** on the basketball court. he wishes he had my life.

No, I don't wish to have your life, and I think your conduct is detrimental to the NBA.

If you wished to be banned from your own arena next year, just keep it up. I've got my eye on you.

The Chuckster Himself


Now that ain't right.It ain't right.How are you going to ban someone from their own arena?

That Miami reporter that claims marc Cuban said"f*ck you, the league is rigged..."was lying.Pure and simple.

Mark Cuban had a reason to complain about the calls. Check out the facts, Mr. Stern:

Bill Simmons on the finals:

or check out the analysis at 82 games:

Daniel Bejarano


What the ****; I don't no about that. Ill respond to something else:

Daniel Bejarano

Date: wrote:

Kingsfan wrote: Mark Cuban wrote:  Yes, this is THE Mark Cuban; posting on the down-low, found your site thru DetroitbadBoys, via postings by Rhondda Nunes, Cool! We love Rhondda around here. She adds alot to these boards and knows her basketball. She can sing too!!.. we like her at DBB too.& another thing, is she playing any of the instruments on her demo? Off  topic, but the  finals are over anyway.Took f*ckin' forever the way the NBA drew it out thru June.

Rhondda is playing all the instruments except the drum machine; it can play itself.

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