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Post Info TOPIC: Mavericks vs. Heat in the finals. Whats your prediction?
Rhondda Nunes

RE: Mavericks vs. Heat in the finals. Whats your prediction?

Daniel Bejarano wrote: wrote: Kingsfan wrote: Mark Cuban wrote:  Yes, this is THE Mark Cuban; posting on the down-low, found your site thru DetroitbadBoys, via postings by Rhondda Nunes, Cool! We love Rhondda around here. She adds alot to these boards and knows her basketball. She can sing too!!.. we like her at DBB too.& another thing, is she playing any of the instruments on her demo? Off  topic, but the  finals are over anyway.Took f*ckin' forever the way the NBA drew it out thru June. Rhondda is playing all the instruments except the drum machine; it can play itself.

Si,si,Sim....I would expect a studio musician as good as you to be able to tell that; these questions can be carried over to the 'Thank you Rhondda' thread; now let's respond to the post from Sir Charles....

Rhondda Nunes


The Chuckster Himself wrote:

Now that ain't right.It ain't right.How are you going to ban someone from their own arena? That Miami reporter that claims marc Cuban said"f*ck you, the league is rigged..."was lying.Pure and simple. Mark Cuban had a reason to complain about the calls. Check out the facts, Mr. Stern: Bill Simmons on the finals: or check out the analysis at 82 games:

Both of these articles are great & well written, i'd recommend them to anyone.

I think the NBA season is too long.Not only does this contribute to injury,but it interferes with the WNBA season, which I'd like to see be longer.

I wish the guys that did the referee analysis over at  82games of game 5 of the NBA finals could do an analysis of the whole series. I'd like to see if a 'pattern' of ref favoritism could be established statistically or see what the true homecourt advantage is...


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