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Post Info TOPIC: I had to post a pic of Kevin Martin's game winner here!!!
Show by the Lake

RE: I had to post a pic of Kevin Martin's game winner here!!! wrote:

ShowByTheLakeSucks!! wrote: Show by the Lake wrote:  Oh, very funny Rhondda!This shot may go down in queenie lore because there's nothing  substantial in Queenie lore because regretably, THE QUEENS SUCK!!!!And stupid little Kid play needs to change his haircut, he looks like an idiot savant; and he doesn't play even as good as luke walton, much less the great Kobe Bryant who actually won awards as a rookie. This liitle stick isn't fit to shine kobe's shoes. Not fit to even tie them; maybe to you queenie fans he seems good because everything on your team SUCKS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!! Shut the hell up you Laker fan and go back to your own pathetic Fakers board!!!! Prick!!! LOL!!You tell 'em!Who gives a f*ck what homo Romo thinks, that's who this is, I think, I don't care about his opinion anymore then I want to listen to Shacko(aka Charley Rosen). Screw them, they don't want to see you guys win; whereas i'd like to see you guys kick the Spur's asses. Why? because I hate them too & love to see you guys knock them off just because no-one seems to think you can. I  hate them  as much as the Nets and those cry-baby weenies in Miami that think they're the east-coast la-la-land.I'd love to see the Bulls knock them off too.

yeah, detroit; I'll get an ex-convict I know to homo-a-romo- you!Go ahead and step right up!

Your team sucked tonight. Totally blown out by the Bucks, like the Spurs blew out the Queenies in game 1.

My *lakers* have kept it close to Phoenix. Not so your proteges from the land of burnt-out cows to go with your burnt-out cars in Detroit. You all suck, you're over-rated like the king's offense with Ron Artest, ready to riot the next time his team has a blow-out(like game 1).

Jordan RULES 2


Hey Dickhead!!!!!!!!!:matrixfight.

You gotta lot of nerve talkin' smack about other cities when I wouldn't want to be caught after dark in downtown la-la. Talk about riskin' your life, and where are all those cows your'e allways talking about?In your own backyard in la-la so that you and said cow can interact with inter-species love?I hope Phoenix kicks your ass today, it's a lot more impressive if the kings can get past the defending world champs & the mavs than your softer schedule, you dumb ass.

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