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Post Info TOPIC: Hey guys! Vote on this Artest/Peja Trade Poll.
Kingsfans! are You Happy About the Artest/Peja Trade? [45 vote(s)]

Yes! Artest will add much needed defense to the Kings!
No! Artest will ruin the Kings!
Don't Know!!
Don't care!!
Jose` in N.Y.

RE: Hey guys! Vote on this Artest/Peja Trade Poll.

D.C. wrote:

Bonzi in the Low Post wrote: Peja Stojakovic is a cla$$ act, and I wish him the best with the Pacers. Thanx for the vote of confidence,"c.w. inSactown" aka....uhm...never mind, don't wanna out you. Well, I won't "out" you either "c.w."....but I can out myself now that I'm no longer a player. I want to address Kingsfan's point about the "jack"...."benjamins"...."moolah".....and whatever. I understand that fans are resentfull about all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$athletes make......... But when our careers are over we're left hobbling around like people with old joints at 37....ask C-Webb & Vlade......... The real rip-off artists are the owners....yeah,....we make millions...BUT THEY MAKE BILLIONS AND THEY TRADE US LIKE COMMODITIES LIKE PORK-BARRELS OR SOMETHIN'....THAT'S REALLY WERE THE PROFIT FROM THE TICKET PERICES GO$$$$$$$$$$INTO THE OWNERS POCKETS!!!!!! For the Maloofs to talk to the media BEFORE trading....Peja was cla$$less and vulgar..... Ditto for talking to the 'Zenmaster' in the off-season behind Rick Adelnman's back....... They should let their G.M. manage the team......and think about how they make all their 'dinero' the backs of the fans & the athletes. 

I agree with D.C. that owners make the real money...but how 'bout G.M's overpaying sub-par athletes so there's no salary $$$ room & we (the Knick's) get a roster of overpaid under-performers. Thanx, alot Isiah Thomas; you were a great player but you're a lousy G.M. Not even the best coach in the world could (can?) save this sorry-aSs situation. It s*cks.



Kingsfan wrote:

Fellow Kings fans, how do you feel about losing Peja and picking up Ron Artest? Vote on the poll that is attached to this post.




ILOve the KINGS! wrote:

TEAM DIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote: Kobe Bryant. wrote: c.w. in Sactown not philly. wrote: Hey! When did 'lakershaters' change? Not that the name matters to the lakers fans I'm sure they'll keep coming around with all their hatefull arrogance. I can't wait for Ron to flatten Kobe, I'm really, really looking forward to that.  I'm willing to take a chance because Ron Artest will give us defensive leadership.That's something we Kings have been sorely lacking in for a long time. I want to ask the kings fans to be patient,when Bonzi is back you will be able to see all the pieces in action. We are sorry as players that it's been so long coming together. We need to take better care of business and I'm excited about the part that Ron can play helping us with this. Ah, who care what YOU think Corliss? All you do is warm the bench anyway.Now I gotta go and win a game---something you Queenies can't seem to manage to do...ahhhh, what a shame you suck so bad. CORLISS HAS MORE HEART 'N' HIS PINKY FINGER THAN U HAVE 'N' UR WHOLE BODY. GO BACK 2 UR SKANKY WATER WE'VE P*SSED 'N' -'N' UR SKANKY 'HO'-'HO'ZZ 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking forward 2 seeing the *fakers* 'n' the bottom of the Pacific w/ Baron Davis standin' on kobe's a$$. got that?we know u don't got milk ! TEAM DIME has inspired a new Kings ditty: HELLO PLANET FAKER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PACIFIC U HATERS????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOR IT CAN HAPPEN FASTER THAN UR WAITOR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AT THE CORNER BISTRO WESTWOOD.......THIS WATER BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey pretty good till you got to the non-rhyming part!

hard to be 'patient' like c.w./sactown & bonzi say;we're what, 3 and a half behind planet faker & WE STILL HAVE'NT SEEN ALL THE PIECES??????????????????????????????????????????????????

not working for me, really.




I sympathize, but patience is EXACTLY what's needed both on the court & off.

OLd Stocton Musician/in New Orleans this week.


Kingsfan wrote:

Fellow Kings fans, how do you feel about losing Peja and picking up Ron Artest? Vote on the poll that is attached to this post.

Well, Kingsfan, so far so good with RonRon, huh?! Hope he keeps it up with the 'even keel' stuff; but I do miss Peja...'Da sweetest jump shot in 'da NBA!!!!Good luck to you Peja!!

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