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Post Info TOPIC: The party boyZ = MIKE BIBBY, SKINNER AND ?????
Jordan Rules 2

RE: The party boyZ = MIKE BIBBY, SKINNER AND ?????

Rhondda Nunes wrote:

RBX & OSM wrote: wrote:

c.w/Sactown;not philly. wrote:

Bibbylicous. wrote: 76'rs on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote: Jordan Rules 2 wrote: C.W./philly. wrote: ShackO wrote: I had little respect for Webber (as a person) when he got here but he made me loose what little I did have by seeing him and Jwill (who I have little respect for as well for the same reason) around town (this is a small town with few good clubs to hide and disappear in) partying before games (including playoff games).. Mike and several of the other Kings as well as (players from the team that killed them) were out partying way late into the AM................ And you could see the result in their play the next day against the Pacers....... I still have some respect for Mike as he is very generous with he fans and all that but send his A$$ anywhere else so his and his overpaidA$$ and take his (real team= team dime) with him so that they can party all they want.............. SOmewhere else......... No man can serve two masters I recall reading somewhere.............. Which is bibby's first team??? KIngs or partying with the dime........... Hey Mike, straighten up or don't even bother to KISSMY A$$ on your way out of town..... Define 'partying' & what u think u saw shacko. SOOoooooooooo......only MUSICIANS get to party?Isn't it bad enought that athletes have to pee in a cup before they're hired//?!!gets in the way of all that'partying' u think we're doin'.. What's that quote in Shakespeare about"the lady (or in this case, the 'guilty party')doth protest too much!I think ShackO struck a nerve don't you think?Why else would 'C.W. in philly' even respond otherwise? I wonder if 'C.W.' is still doin' that in Philly?Maybe he's not & that's why he's playing better.LOL!! Maybe musicians that don't have day jobs don't have to pee in cups but most don't make the $$$that NBA athletes do either. I haven't seen ANY evidence of C.W. partying before games here in philly; but philly is a pretty big city, lots of places to hide if someone wanted too.Actually, he's playing better this year than last year I think. O.K.......I've heard all of you....not just once but twice:  from coaching staff that likes to quote this board when we're lacking in effort. I want to be team captain and lead the rookies with Brad and Corliss. I'm proud of how they're stepping it up;...but....: No-one can tell me to cut my friends loose. I'm loyal to the Dime. Some may be loose cannons...need to pull themselves together, but I'd never let them down .I'm a loyal friend. Don't want to let the fans down either or the rookies. I know if I don't measure up I can be happened to Chris it can happen to me....I've figured that out; I don't want to take this for granted . I'm glad you don't want to take things for granted 'cuz we need you to step up & everyone else 2. Team 10 that gets in the way of team KINGS!.....gotta go... man; best examples for the rookies. They watch what we say n' not just what we do.

c.w.'s right---and it's not just the rookies watching what's said, it's the minors that are still in high school too---

Witness what happened with the Dixon High students posting party pics on and 9 girls benched on the softball team as well as 6 boys on the men's basketball team--not surprising with the examples of idiotic athletes throwing away gold medals---talk about bad examples for young people.They should be ashamed.

RBX:1st before I forget to the Y.E.S.S. fest participants before I forget. You kids were swell & all that. But now it's time for OSM & I to cage fight. It seems to me that the pullover of Eric Mussellman last night for D.U.I. :

just prooves that there's something rotten in Denmark.& I also wish Rhondda would post on this topic rather listen to your ramblings.

OSM:yeah....yeah; but we still hang. & it isn't as if you don't like your & it isn't 'dat Eric M****elman is underage. & Rhondda did post on 'dat:

RBX:haha, it doesn't look like your link went thru.Since we're friends I won't say what I'm thinking.


First, RBX why so snarky?Ironically, you're the Kings season ticket holder.Not sure I get the holier-than-thou attitude. But  we're still amigos, right?

The truth is that .11 isn't not that much over the legal limit. That's not to say that coach should have driven, I'm sure he has more money then I do to call a cab if he wasn't within the BAC guidelines.

(You all remember those right? That little sheet that comes with your driver license renewal?To summarize, if you're between 150 & 200 pounds, no more than 1 drink a hour if you're gonna drive.& make sure it's not a double, especially in the last hour.That should keep most people within legal limits, barring illness).

OSM's link didn't go thru b/c that link has expired at; it was a link to a "discussion" I had with a tee-totaler following a column Michael Fitzgerald wrote euologizing the death of self-described "river rat" Hal Schell.

To paraphrase Fitz:

"Raise the Heineken in toast(hic!)to Hal Schell...a great Hemmingway-like figure who loved his Delta & filled out his top-siders larger then life..."(or something like that):

C.B. Shwartz:"I think for a family newspaper you could tone  down the talk about drinking.Just b/c you're of Irish heritage doesn't mean you need to talk about getting plastered every chance you get".(or something like that...again, I'm paraphrasing, & I doubt Shwarzie is coming over to get me here...LOL!!).

Me:As someone who grew up on the Delta & as a musician that gigs out there on a regular basis, my experience was/is that most drinkers crashed where they finished drinking; this is especially true in venues only reachable by boat.I also don't think raising 1 heinie in toast is "getting plastered", 1 drink would be well within the BAC guidelines for the average person between 150-200 pounds. It seems like a reach & not fair to the many competent  bar-tenders that cut off those that have had  enough to equate 1 drink with "being plastered".Venue owners in the Delta are more than aware of the dangers of drinking & driving; not just with cars but with boats also.

C.B. Swartz:While it may give you, Ms. Nunes; the "warm fuzzies" to know that there's "kind" people that "cut-off" the obviously inebriated; it certainly doesn't "warm my heart" to know that most that can "pa$$" for "handling their liquor" in the eyes of bar-owners are going to get in their cars & play human bumper cars with innocents on the road ways.If they've knocked off another car into the Delta they surely don't buy your albums or rock-on to shill for your music, b/c they're dead.

(Again...a paraphrase.extra brownie-points for those that can retrieve the msn cache archive.)

Me: "I wouldn't know about the shilling part for myself, I was mostly gigging with the Bill Stevens band on those gigs.I hadn't recorded any of my own stuff then.But back to your point which I hear as "Only a moron would advocate human bumper cars".I agree, absolutely.If you're  thinking you might be too buzzed to drive you probably are.But I disagree that the substance of alcohol itself is the neagative thing as opposed to it's misuse by individuals. I don't think that Fitz meant the idea of the toast to be intoxicating except to say that the idea of toasting celebrates life itself, which should be intoxicating.I think that's what he was doing for Hal Schell in his tribute, who I wish I had met".

C.B. Shwarz:"I will never condone that a substance that causes so much harm in our society is a positive, though i applaud Ms. Nunes' honesty in her comments regarding drinking & driving. I will raise a Lipton's ice tea in toast to Hal Schell instead."

Me again, but talking to you all instead of Swarzie.I find it interesting that the longest "Mike Bibby & the whatever thread is here. I also read on some of the other/shorter versions elsewhere  an allusion to Charley Rosen as ShackO, the author. Even if one is a  sports writer for Fox the fact he writes mostly for forum blue 'n' gold leanings  & lore  makes me less inclined to welcome his ramblings on Mike's social life.I mean, do these guys REALLY hang out?

I met Mike Bibby at the Pyramid Ale house. I have a pic of him smiling at me, 'tho you don't see my face, I'd upload it if I had a scanner.& for the record, it was the parishioners of the Cathedral(Mike's parish, on K Street  across from the Pyramid) that were doing the drinking, moderately; the Priest & the Nuns had their eyes on everyone & we were all good. The food was catered by the Pyramid's staff not just from Sac but also from Berkeley & Walnut Creek too, donating their time & the food was the best brunch spread I've ever seem. Totally top-knotch & cla$$y. The money raised from that event will help the Cathedral to support 15 homeless people this year in their shelter.I'm proud I was there.

What I find relevant about the Musselman incident is how the players stood behind him. I'm sure these young men can relate to what he's going thru; they're not so far removed from College life & it's partys.Check out this story in the Bee:

Mistakes are part of the human experience. Mastering the patience by the marshalling of discipline to overcome them can be divine. Now the players & the coach have a social contract:They can both look to the other to live up to what is expected.

Oh...& 1 more thing. I would never advocate drinking for minors ESPECIALLY with their peers. The best way for minors to be introduced to the concepts of alcohol is for them to see moderation at the family table like I saw with the extended parish family at the fundraiser. C.W. (in Sactown)above; is right. The young-uns learn from what they see us do, not what we say.




Wow. Are you gonna start your own version of freedarko rhondda?It can be the chick version, real funny. i think the King's playas are standing with muss b/c this hits close to home. & sure mb wouldn't drink anywhere near the fanbase after what allegedly happened last year with the party boys.

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