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Post Info TOPIC: My heart goes out to the people that survived Hurricane Katrina.

RE: My heart goes out to the people that survived Hurricane Katrina.

I've been hearing disturbing stories about relief monies not going to the victims of the hurricanes. I'm gonna keep donating but I think we should also try to donate our time & money to local charities that are helping victims here in our area. Let's follow the Maloof's example and do EVERYTHING WE CAN HERE LOCALLY; use their generosity with fund matching by logging unto KINGS.COM. as well as donating to the URL'S on this thread.

OLD STockton MUsician


'Nother' month left still in hurricane season n' here comes Wilma. I heard 'dat the damage is the worst in the history of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Please keep donating n' pray too--builds up good karma n' since we live in a flood plane we might need the help someday-God Bless 

Rhondda Nunes (the real deal).


Old Stockton Musician wrote:

RBX wrote: To OSM and BBall fan:We should never take our blessings for granted. The Red Cross is accepting used 's for donation: log onto:  for info---nearly all of us could probably donate something----which would be better than nothing for storm victims to have computer access to obtain resources for recovery. If you want to donate money, log onto  for a list of organizations seeking relief donations. Blessings and out. To OneKing'sandMonarch'sNationunderthegroove----Can U DIG IT????!!!!! Gigged with Rhondda over the weekend and she'll be donating her profit from the sales of "Gotta Love Your Sacramnento Kings"(versions 1&2) to the victims of Katrina. Log onto to buy a copy----Do your part to help out!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!

Over $2000.00 has been raised towards Katrina relief so far from the sales of versions 1&2 of the King's song.  I'm  gonna continue to donate profits of v.1&2 for may be a drop in the bucket compared to what's needed in the gulf but it feels good to help out....Thanx to all of you that have contributedGod bless you all.



good for you rhondda....u here stories all the time about how 'selfish' atheletes and musicians are...good to see that proven wrong; and merry christmas everyone; non of that 'ha[ppy holidays' cr*p.out.

OLd STockton MUsician


Old Stockton Musician wrote:

BallFan wrote: What a week for the people down in New Orleans and Mississippi who went through Hurricane Katrina on monday. My heart goes out to the survivors. They just look exhausted as I see their faces on CNN. They are moving over 25,000 people to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas tonight. Sports seems to be "non important" right now. Hopefully, our government can step in and help these people get back on their feet. If you would like to post some well wishes in this thread, please do so. God Bless!! To: OneKing'sandMonarch'sNationintotheGroove..can U dig it? I does seem superficial in the face of such tragedy...but it makes us feel normal n' alive---'dat's why I hope they rebuild the arena in the 'bigeasy'...may it rise again!! The people there deserve the best after what happened---I LOVED gigging there--'easy' musicians are 'loose' and unself-conscious natural musicians...Not an 'L7' in the whole bunch I'd ever met>   Coming back from Chicago a young lady with a baby sat next to me...not what U'd NORMALLY want sitting next to you...She'd turned 21 on Sat., 8-27: 'partied' at a casino in Long Beach Miss. that ended up on the coast Monday mornin'...her parents were in a shelter in Florida, she hadn't talked to them since Mon.,..and she seemed kinda numb--was going to stay with other relatives in Galt. Felt sorry for her and gave her my last $50.00. Her story really brought home how suddenly things can change---a good life is not something to be taken for granted  

O>K>>>...remember when I toldU'll 'bout 'dis??

Got a call from 'da young lady...tryin' to get back to 'da gulf coast with no funds.

Called in my frequent flier miles for her ticket...called 'da local redcross to see if 'dey needed volunteers since I used to work construction in a previous life.

Wish I could say 'tings look good on the gulf coast...but no...still looks like 'da storm just hit.

Know it's hard 'dis time of year to keep helpin' out but dese poor people are still livin' in friggin' tents so don't forget helpin' out if u can 'dis Christmas (hannukah, kwanza) season,God bless.

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