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Post Info TOPIC: Gotta Love Your Sacramento Kings!

RE: Gotta Love Your Sacramento Kings!

Kingsfan wrote:

Cool!! Glad you are chilling down in NOLA. Chris Paul is a stud!! He and Deron Williams are the best PG's in the NBA. I'm kinda sad though because Mike Bibby is now gone out of Sac-Town as he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks last week..cry.gif He was our last player connected to the 2002 Kings' team.

& we loved him for being with that 2002 team & for his clutch shooting. Hopefully he can lead those rookies in Atlanta into the playoffs & take them deep. I'd like to see him do well.

& boy, oh boy, Chris Paul is studly.he & deron have all the skills with great court awareness. The fakers may think they've got the great deal in Farmar(& i admit I was annoyed as a UCLA alum that we didn't draft farmar & it really annoys me when he plays well, but); Paul & Williams are even a better deal.
So, everyone, how 'bout the Kings over the Fakers the other night?Speaking of p.g talent Beno(Bueno!) was pretty studly & clutch himself. & Hawes(or as kfan in Korea now calls him:"the Shaw of I Slam...catchy, huh?)with those blocks, the dunks & the soft pretty pa$$es that threaded the needle??!if the kings could play EVERY team like the play the la-la's, everything would be fine.

Rhondda Nunes


Anonymous wrote:

Rhondda Nunes wrote:

Kingsfan wrote:

Yeah, I remember hearing Ron Artest saying that he would love to play for te Knicks. I was like "HHUUUHH???" Who would want to play for them??!! I think it may be because Artest is from Queens, New York I think. So, I think it may be more of him just wanting to go home. As far as the Sonics, PJ has done a pretty good job with such a young team. They just don't know how to win yest. They have lost several games by two points. Now, off topic. It was sad to hear that Heath Ledger died last night.

Sorry it took a few days to get back to dsl connection has been TERRIBLE with the recent storms here.I've only gotten the connection back tonight(tuesday the 29th of Feb)....

Horrible news about Heath...I'm sure it must have been an accidental overdose; he didn't strike me as one to commit suicide. Odd how the Olsen people didn't call 911 right away; & also odd that the NY police have chosen not to interview Mary kate Olsen. Seems a little suspicous, but then I'm not probably aware of all the factors at play.He was quite a talent. What a waste!

On a lighter note, how 'bout the Sonics the other night?I almost thought they were gonna beat the Kings!how 'bout that clutch shot by Martin at the horn?Didn't it remind you of the series with the Spurs & that buzzer beater?I noticed that Seattle native Spencer Hawes got quite a welcome from the Seattle crowd.On a side note, I have a new dog; a black lab that I've named Spencer. Not because of the roolie, however. When he's bad & hogs the ball when he plays with his sister I call him "Kobe". Just for fun.

Here's an interesting stat:the win against the Sonics on the road by the Kings was their first win on the road against another western conference team. & they are 0-6 against all the other teams in the Pacific division...hope they get better with that...
Haven't forgotten about the indexing this thread, just a little behind with the computer problems but I'll get to it soon enuff(I hope!)wink.gif

To1Kingsn' monarchsn'hornetsnationintodafunkn'da'groovecanudigit?

yo....its osm posting from nawlins, lousyana.

been down here since last year 1st with da' dinero from the fund raisin' from katrina, includin' rhondda's money n' money from other musicians to the 9th ward n' to da' musicians village.can ya' dig dat' funk. uh huh.

you al' see me tonight?I was funkin' it from nawlins!
n' how 'bout our boy Chris Paul? da' real deal.

N' any index is cool rhondda..i trust ya, chica.

Hi, this is Rhondda again...I don't know why activeboard is listing me as anonymous. Yeah, right....
I envy you OSM, the Hornets are playing great, & you have a front row seat. it's good for the fanbase of the NBA to help in the reconstruction. props to you & the Connick family & to brad Pitt 2 for all you are doing down in nawlins.
i did see you rocking on the tamb. Had to laugh considering what a tambalero drummer you are.Get down!
& how 'bout Rick Adelman's Rockets right now?You know he & tracy mcGrady have to be chuckling, good for them.
To Kings fan: Love the new intro into Lakershaters...those pics are funny!I like the political puns 2, you're getting pretty good with photoshop, huh?



Hi Rhondda! Actually it is some other software that is not Photoshop. Kind of similar though. LOL!! It's fun to make funny pictures. I just added Elliot Spitzer today. I know it is kind of stupid, but it's fun..LOL!! I'll add more things in the future. Like people in the news, sports, etc.

Rhondda Nunes


Kingsfan wrote:

Hi Rhondda! Actually it is some other software that is not Photoshop. Kind of similar though. LOL!! It's fun to make funny pictures. I just added Elliot Spitzer today. I know it is kind of stupid, but it's fun..LOL!! I'll add more things in the future. Like people in the news, sports, etc.

It doesn't matter if it's a little stupid, the quotes make the pics funny. After all, you tube's full of stupid videos with thousands of hits, so what the heck. Like the Spitzer pic, his outfit looks...uhmmmm....kinda Mike Myer's like(!).

so now time for march madness!got my UCLA shirt on the front porch next to the King's sweatshirt & the purple a chant for my Alma Mater:U!!!!!!! C!!!!!!! L!!!!!!! A!!!!!!! U C L A Fight, fight Fight!!

It's lucky Kobe never went to UCLA. He would be even more arrogant than he allready is. He'd probably be a Dukie if he'd gone to college.biggrin.gif

Jose in NY


Yo admin, it's Jose in NY to tell you that Rhondda has a facebook fanpage; you should come on over are you on Facebook?Rhondda's fanpage link:The Rhondda Nunes Collective

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