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Post Info TOPIC: Blog has been updated. Kings' fans, let off some steam! Click here!

RE: I just opened a new Kings blog! Hey Drillah, please read!

Pacific Power Cat wrote:

Jordan RULES 2 wrote: Rhondda Nunes wrote: RBX & OSM wrote: The Chuckster Himself wrote: Hey, lighten up Drillah on poor J.T. I'm gonna miss Eva Langoria; she's a hell-of-alot better looking than Mark Cuban. RBX: I won't miss Tony Langoria or his desperate girlfriend.I hate how they show her face all the time, I know what the hell she looks like. OSM:You just hate her, 'cuz' she'd never date you; she has a pretty face, but she's too flat for my taste. I wanna a little sumpin' sumpin... RBX: I bet you do. Gonna tell everyone about being at the game when barry hit 714 & you tried to go for it with your arthritis & beer buzz? OSM: My apologies to the youngster i sat on by mistake. I didn't mean it. RBX: You kbnow, it's funny, 'cuz' i thought barry was gonna get booed. oaktown fans deserve credit, I think for recognizing the moment. OSM: Like Drillah's comment about horsey 'roids. Sound cool, think i can get my hands on some? The 2 of you together are just too funnyno, it's cool, I like it. Frankly, I wish my King's coulda been the 1 to knock Tony Langoria on his butt, but.... hey! you can't everything. I met Jim Plunkett tonight & got his autograph & had a conversation with my dad about coaching prospects for the Kings: Me: "So have you heard the Maloofs are interviewing john Whisenhant?" My dad:" Who?WTF?The girls coach?Those players ain't gonna listen to the girls coach, bibby & his party a$$? no way!" Me: "he has the hard ware, they should listen to that!" My dad: "won't work; what else you got?" Me:" mario ellie the coach from goldenstate.." my dad:"WTF? I wouldn't take the head coach from goldenstate!what else?" Me:"P.J. Carlisimo...." my dad:"WTF? to watch cage fights with him & RonRon?" We roadie my stuff in & I turn on the Pistons-miami game, final .09: My dad: " they should  hire that guy. greasy hear guy. he'll be outta of a job if detroit wins..." so there you go. my dad's coaching choice...pat Riley. Your dad sounds cool; even if he is way ol-skool, it's all good.I musta been channeling what he said, 'cuz' the 1st thing I thought of when I heard about P.J. was what a good cage fight that would make with RonRon. And it would be really funny if if you could throw Spree' in for good measure, after all, he could use a job to feed the wife and kiddies...(ha-ha!!) Too funny dudes & dudette!I've met Rhondda's dad, he's cool, & way "ol-skool"!ha-ha! I think if Starbury wants to die a knick someone should grant him his wish, & they can put his ashes on the top of the garden, where they won't get in the way of the franchise! Or maybe they can go in an urn in the trophy case! Maybe L.B. would like to go back to detroit, huh? And maybe Flip Saunders might get along better with Starbury?(of course not, but isiah thomas is gullible for anything!).

Carrying this over, because I thought it was funny.

Eva has a pretty face, but that girl is lacking in curves i gotta say.

I think it's interesting that Mama magoof made the business decision for musselman, I guess than there's someone else to blame if it backfires, huh? We all know the magoofs ain't gonna take any blame!

The Drillah/the Stockton Record


Exactamundo, c.w., we all kmow the magoofs aren't gonna take the blame!

Some columns for admin, you can pick & choose which to put in your blog:

6/9/06:Finally, the NBA finals:

6/10/06:We live in a stupid society:

6/11/06:The worst free-throw shooting team in history?:

6/12 is about Soccer, 6/12 is about Big (dumb) Ben Roethlisberger & non-NBA related, I'll leave those out.

& who is "el negro mambo"? nevermind(like the Raven) the drillah doesn't want to know....sounds suspicously like a faker; who probably has cooties.



Hey, admin; what's happened to your blog?Is it still up & running?Might be neat-o to have a little ball (baseball) board attached to it; now that the season is in full swing.

Some Drillah columns for you:

"The Driller wants to be the last person to congratulate the Heat":(6-22-06)

"Everyday you're the VIP"(6-21-06):

"The Mavs haven't been imposing squat"(6-20-06):

"The U.S.....chokers!"(6-19-06)

"Good morning...Mark Cuban"(6-18-06):

Nostradriller gives you the right to pick and choose which you'd like to use.

Pacific Power Cat(official mascot of the UOP Tigers)


I liked your column today, drillah sounding off on the Maloofs, Crazy larry(Brown) & the wolrld cup.I think admin should put this one in his blog:

Keep givin' 'em hell, 'Nostradrillah'....



Nostradriller wrote:

Hey, admin; what's happened to your blog?Is it still up & running?Might be neat-o to have a little ball (baseball) board attached to it; now that the season is in full swing.

What up Drillah?? Yeah, the blog is still up and running. I have lagged behind posting some of your columns. I have my kids for the summer and have been running them around and keeping busy with that mostly. They live with their mother in Portland, Oregon. I did post your 6/23/06 column a few moments ago. I like your idea about adding some baseball to the blog now that the NBA is closed down for the summer. If anyone has any baseball stuff to add to it, let me know here and I will add the link to the blog. Thanks! 

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