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Post Info TOPIC: Pacific vs. Boston College official thread.
Rhondda Nunes(the real deal).

RE: Pacific vs. Boston College official thread.

Pacific Power cat(the official mascot of the UOP Tigers). wrote:

Hey Rhondda; I thought I had an 'exclusivity deal' with Jason at the record..what up? Thanx drillah for the Christian update. Gonna cross my fingers.

Now Pacific, You know reporters like to play the field right?LOL!Pun totally intended!

Jason sent me an update on Christian last night but I was tired; here's the update from today's Stockton record:

TITLE:"Maraker Solid at Showcase Event"; by Jason Anderson.

I especially like that the team Christian played on went 3-0 to win the tournie. Things are looking good for him!

The Drillah/the Stockton Record


Kingsfan wrote:

RBX wrote: The Drillah/the Stockton Record wrote: Kingsfan wrote: Well, its GAMEDAY for Pacific. The game between them and Boston College begins in less than 4 hours. I hope Boston College is tired because of their battle with Duke recently, but I doudt they will be.....after all these are kids with lots of energy. Should be a fun game. Go Tigers!! If Pacific had played Gonzaga in the 1st round like the Drillah wanted they would have moved on. Too bad; that's the way of the dribble, man. O.K. you guys; like I said on the 'Adam Morrison' thread 'the drillah' is a the Stockton Records answer to the Jim Rome show & is a LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND; but you can judge yourselves; I'm gonna respond to some of his postings & leave some for the rest of you if you want to "pimp-slap" him yourselves; here's a column were he rags on the 'Zags: and these about the Pacifcvs. Boston College game: and this one about Pacific losing: Go ahead & feel free to take him on, you guys; especially since he's a Goldenstate fan  anyway. Great links RBX. That Record guy is more of bandwagon jumper than, as you said, Jim Rome. He's probably pissed that his Golden State Warriors are fading usual..LOL!!

Very droll Kingsfan! I was hoping GoldenState would 'pimp-slap' the *lakers* tonight, but;

Alas!!it was not meant to be.But to your larger point about Jim Rome

I think I'm the bigger man since I can admit when I'm wrong. LOL!!

Sources tell me that Chris will be included in the next pre-NBA draft camp in Chi-Town; we're all rooting for this kid back in Stock-town; I think the NBA scouts are surprised at how good he is offensively in the clutch. He doesn't get flustered; if he gets knocked he's totally steely.Gotta love his heart.

Rhondda Nunes


The Boston College Eagle(official mascot of Boston College). wrote:

Pacific Power Cat(official mascot of the UOP Tigers). wrote: Kingsfan wrote: The game just ended!! Boston College wins in double overtime. Man, Pacific had this game and let it get away. Christian Maraker was huge with 30 points. Webb and Gray hit some BIG 3-pointers in the game. Tough loss.... Ouch; I'm still hurting; to be honest, some of the guys 'lost it' in the locker room; Christian is angry; he felt we let that one slip away; I have to agree; we could have won that one; what a let-down, dammit; especially when I know we could probably have beaten Nevada or Montana in the second round;this feels worse than the blowout in the 2nd round last year with Washington, we were so close...I think I feel sick, dudes. We feel your pain tonight Pacific;I still feel sick, honestly. I thought we had the game & it just slipped away at the end, so close, dammit, so close!!!Heartbreaking!! We wanted to let you know that it wasn't easy to beat you guys. We played you just as hard as we played Duke, or Montana or even Villanova today. We're sure you'll be back, so chin up until we meet again,Sincerely; The Boston College Eagle & Men's Basketball Team.

Remember when the guys from Boston posted this?Apparently Bostonian B-ball fans noticed Chris because look at this posting from the Celtics blog:

Credit to Mityt from Sactown Royalty for finding this link. I'll also say I sent an e-mail  to Jason Anderson the morning of the draft 'shilling' for Chris to the Kings if they can find a way to move K.T; so we wouldn't have to look at his scowl; Chris can rebound as well as is a better scorer & pa$$er, IMO.

I know Jason has talked to Geoff Petrie on some level 'cuz' he quotes him in his article:

"Kings Select Prolific Scorer"(Quincy Douby):

I'd still like to think that the Kings will "see the light" on Chris, I'm shilling for him as hard as I do for my song with the organization, LOL!!

The Drillah/Stockton Record


I hadn't heard the Celts might be interested in Christian, that could be good new for his agent.

Pacific Power Cat


The Drillah/Stockton Record wrote:

I hadn't heard the Celts might be interested in Christian, that could be good new for his agent.

Here's some links about what all our former Tiger players are up to:

"Ex-Tigers roll Dice in Vegas..."

"Ex-Tiger gives back..."

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