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Post Info TOPIC: THANK YOU RHONDDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick Adelman

RE: THANK YOU RHONDDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chuckster himself. wrote:

Admin wrote:

Thanks Rhondda for adding a link to my site on your website. I have updated my home page letting Kings' fans know about your song with a link back to your page. You go girl!!!!!!!!!! You can see it by clicking the link below. Look for it a little under Ronny Artest's picture.

Starting to like this little Kingsfan board, you all are real funny.

Let my P.A. post the link:

Like that I motivated a king'sfan to write a song to prove me wrong.She sounds real smart. Now you Kings prove me wrong by not s*cking.You ain't gonna make the playoffs unless you start now!

Nice jazzy vibe here.Now live up to it, Bibby & co.I dare you.

Nice to know that you are not just to be found stinking up strip joints from california to Arkansas, Mr. barkley.In my opinion, you are a know nothing; but you are right in that the Kings are not living up to this's too bad, unfortunately, because Ms. Nunes has a lot of talent & could be of value to the Kings organization. Unfortunately, I doubt the Maloofs will call her because they didn't think of this idea themselves and are spoiled and self-centered children, again in my humble opinion.

Cleto & the Cletones


Rhondda Nunes wrote:

Daniel Bejarano wrote:

Y.E.S.S. Fest participant wrote:

Rhondda Nunes wrote:

LOL, 'Kenny!!'But the mound of Chuck redeemed himself last thurday night. he was almost governator-like.

I did get a response from TAXI, but it's lengthy & the Kings game is on pretty sone & i wanna see what kingsfan wrote on the 'gotta love' thread, so..

So what did they say?Enquiring minds wanna know!!

let me give you all the short version of the review. They will say:

1)They like the sound:it straddles the fence between contemporary hip-hop & old-school r n' b' & funk,

2) They'll like your voice, because it's good.

3)They'll like the form & the production.

They WILL NOT like:

1)The 'idea' of the hook. it may be marketable to King's fans, but most people aren't kingsfans or even basketball fans.

2)It's a little lacking dynamically since you used a drum machine. Next time, call me.


You know Daniel; I'd love to call you, but you're a little outta my budget right now. But you're right on about the review. Is one of the screeners for TAXI  a friend of yours?But let me gice the complete review, especially since I already mentionad at sactownroyalty that I would:

Title:"the Kings are breakin' my heart & holding back music". by Rhondda Nunes...

So, here's the review. Any snarky comments by moi` are in (brackets like this).

Song:gotta Love Your sacramento Kings.

artist: Rhondda Nunes

Style:Straddles the fence between contemporary hip-hop and old school funk and blues.

Melody:despite the fact that the song is based on a rap, it still has a very melodic sensibility. The vocal tag line"gotta Love Your sacramento Kings" ties the entire lyric together nicely in the chorus, but unfortunately sounds a bit distorted whenever it appears.

(Damn. I knew i shouldn't have had the guys from my cover band do the hook with me. it figures that that's the part that doesn't work.)

Structure:the structure flows smoothly from start to finish. There is not a whole lot of dynamic variation throughout the arrangement, which means the song doesn't go through any emeotional peaks and valleys, but the vocal rap diverts attention away from that nicely.

(Well...I'm glad my vocal diverts, b/c daniel's right:not much dynamic variation capable with a drum machine.)

Lyric:The vocal performance sounds incredibly expressive, although I'm not sure I hear the Norah Jones or jerry lee lewis influnce you speak of in your bio. The lyrical theme and imagery seem very distinctive, unfortunately, the probably only has limited appeal to people who live in sacramento or love the sacramento kings. I'd love to hear what you could do with a lyrical sentiment that has slightly more universal appeal.

(You know, it's a funny thing about the comparsison to Norah jones. the norah Jones on 'Roids comment came at a gig:[male fan]"You're norah jones on 'roids!" After a cover of Mustang sally at that. Go figure. a student of mine said:"'s norah jones on acid, though I know that's not p.c. "that prompted the talk, of course.Another student said:"it's a diss to compare you to her. She's boring."of course, this talented young man likes to play lead guitar with his teeth, it should be pointed out....back to the review)

Title:Distinctive and it wotks well within the context of the arrangement although, like the lyric, it holds limited appeal.

(I'm getting tired of this 'limited appeal' 'bout you?but wait , there's more)

Overall comments:

Rhonda-This is a very interesting song and performance. As I mentioned, I think the song has somewhat limited appeal, however, as a "niche" song aimed directly at the Kings and their fans, it works beautifully.( THAT surprised me, if it's not marketable, anyway). The performance itself is very compelling. (That's flattering!). Your vocal delivery sounds expressive, and the band provides very solid musical support.(Also flattering since "the band" is just me over-tracked). I like very much the way you've mixed a variety of different stylistic influences to create something that sounds both old and new at the same time. I'm also impressed by your ability to deliver a rap that sounds authentic and not overly forced or contrived. I do wish that i also had the opportunity to hear a song that is a little more universal(coming right up!The new soundtrack album is almost ready to drop!)as far as the lyrical content is concerned. not being a huge basketball fan, the subtle nuances are lost on me, and this in fact, is why i think the song has limited appeal. If I knew or cared more about what you were singing about I think I'd be able to invest more emotion in the overall erpformance. None the less, this is a complex & compelling piece of music and I commend you on your effort.

Overall Rating:Music:8Lyrics:8Marketability:5Arrangement:8Production:8Engineering:8, Overall:9


First, coachie's right. say "high!" to all the peties out there. We miss the priceton offense. Made things more interesting, though with rivalries, we're all bandwagon & about the music instead, which includes when the Lakers have s*cked, last year:we loved the Clippers. Th9is year, they s*ck. Like the Kings.

The review prooves the point:We all wanna hear what else ms. Nunes brings to the musical table. May I suggest a song about the *LAKERS* where she waxes poetical & free darko-like about UCLA fellow-alum Jordan Farmar.GO RHONDDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Why would Rhondda want to write a song about the f*ckin' fakers?f*ck them 'specially kobe that a$$ guys may be good musicians, but youre sh*tty fans. f*ck the lakers & that weasel luke walton & f*ck farmar 2 since he plays for them. f*ck the whole crew. while im at it f*ck el lay 2. the city s*cks c*ck as far as im concerned.

Rhondda Nunes


Whoa,....I can't compete with that Carlito, though I'm with you on not liking the la las. & la air makes my contact lenses hurt.

To Cleto:Never heard of the Priceton offense, do they play that at the Ronnie Price club?

As for Farmar, now that he plays for the evile empire of mordor, he's dead to me & any free darko song should be undertaken by either the darko dude himself or Bethlehem Shoals.

JT in San Antonio


Rhondda Nunes wrote:

Whoa,....I can't compete with that Carlito, though I'm with you on not liking the la las. & la air makes my contact lenses hurt.

To Cleto:Never heard of the Priceton offense, do they play that at the Ronnie Price club?

As for Farmar, now that he plays for the evile empire of mordor, he's dead to me & any free darko song should be undertaken by either the darko dude himself or Bethlehem Shoals.

lol rhondda. we all hate the fakers for sure just as much here in texas.what i find interesting about the review is that they said the song works "beautifully" for the fan base. it's a good idea. have faith.peace.

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